Season 4 Episode 3

First off I hope everyone enjoyed their respective holidays this year, mine was great!

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Liar Liar Kim’s and E!s pants on fire?

So let’s just start off by saying how much this episode kind of irked me. I really truly love these girls and do really follow them and there whereabouts. SO it isn’t difficult to understand how disturbed I was with yesterday’s episode. So much stuff went on and I really don’t know where to start so I will with Can’t Believe it since well, I just can’t believe it!

Can’t Believe it!

  • After all that damn hype Khloe is NOT I repeat NOT pregnant
  • E! shows a clip of Khloe saying she is pregnant and saying to Kim her pregnancy test came up positive so why the change of events?
  • At the end of the episode Khloe starts her period and needs to get a tampon from a restaurant??
  • Is this to imply she had a miscarriage or…what bring us to the next topic it was all just LIES?!
  • Kim is a self-admitted liar!
  • She flat out lies on T.V to her so called BFF and former reality star Brittny Gastineau and says she is sick
  • She flat out lies to her adorable younger sisters and says she cannot take them to the beach because she twisted her ankle while running and tripping over a dog
  • When the lil cutie dolls show up at Kim’s house with flowers to make her feel better, they roll up to her unloading bags from shopping out of her car
  • Turns out Kim was LYING!!!
  • Last one and I swear I am done…what was up with Kim giving a lap dance to Reggie in her family living room immediately following what seemed like the families first dinner all together with Reggie back on the scene?!

The Best

  • This one is reserved solely for Kourtney who said it best “A Lie is a lie is a lie is a lie!”

The Worst

  • Rob was only shown for a split second
  • Kim lies to her family and says she will meet them for lunch and turns out she is late because she was getting her nails done
  • Watching Kylie and Kendell’s faces when they realize their older sister is a liar
  • Watching how disappointed Khloe is when aunt Flo arrives
  • Hearing a secret was being kept, Kris automatically assumes that it is that Khloe and Lamar hare having trouble “already”

We have also gotten some recent emails asking about what kind of male enhgancement Bruce took, and well that we are unsure of but we can say it must have been great!

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  1. mirna escalante Says:

    You guys are great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love the show all ways watch tha show 7:00pm

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