Season 4 Episode 4

I don’t know about you, but I loved the KUWTK episode last night. In this episode Bruce grows a pair, Scott finally steps up to the plate of impending fatherhood, Kim tells no lies, and Kourtney and Khloe are, well just fabulous as always! An in perhaps the biggest shocker of the night, it is finally revealed why Rob and Adrienne Bailon actually broke up!If you think I will reveal that now, then you have another thing coming! Read on…

And in true Beth fashion, I shall now go over The best, The Worst and Can’t believe it!

The Best

  • 7 greatest words ever uttered by Bruce Jenner to his wifeB*tch I want my damn ATM card”!!!!!
  • When Scott bails on going to a breast-feeding-diaper-changing-teach-you-how-to-swaddle-your-new-born class, beautiful Khloe steps in as the good sister, and goes instead with a sad Kourtney.
  • Despite his failure to show up to the breast-feeding-diaper-changing-teach-you-how-to-swaddle-your-new-born class, Scott in the end comes through and builds the baby crib, and starts to get little Mason’s nursery together! Love it!
  • In an attempt to get Bruce’s balls back, Kim, Khloe and Bruce kidnapped a $5000 Fendi dress of Kris’s from the cleaners and held it ransom until she returns Bruce’s ATM card that she took from him early in the episode.
  • In the end, Kris lovingly and may I add super awesomely (is that even a word?!) buys Bruce a $2000 toy helicopter !!! Kudos to you Kris!
  • The playful side of Khloe, Kim and Bruce’s relationship that was shown last night.
  • The fact that the girls were all seriously disturbed that Kris bought the $5000 Fendi dress to begin with! I think that is way cool in this economy!
  • The sweaters that Scott wears straight out of the 80’s all wrapped around his neck! Gotta love/hate him!
  • The motherly advice and encouragement Kris gives to Rob on his impending surprise trip to NYC.

The worst

  • Rob stalking his ex- Adrienne Bailon and admitting to calling her over 60 times one day. This blogger only counted 7 different times in the episode, by hey if he admitted it, then I will take that as true.
  • Scott not showing up to the breast-feeding-diaper-changing-teach-you-how-to-swaddle-your-new-born class
  • Scott and Rob having Kendall ( I think) bring them beers outside while they just sat and laid in the sun.
  • The way Scott talks to Bruce while drinking a beer in the mans own backyard after being brought the said beers by a clear minor.
  • Watching hottie Rob pine over his lost love and even taking drastic measures to visit Adrienne in NYC as a surprise.
  • Watching Rob read an email he gets from… wait for it… wait for it, ADRIENNE’S new boyfriend telling him (in a respectful way) to please leave her alone because all his stalk calling¬†¬†was interfering in their relationship, whilst on Rob’s way to go to the airport to surprise Adrienne (OUCH)!

Can’t believe it

It is only appropriate that this category get one and only one bullet today (drum roll please)

  • The truth is finally given as to why Adrienne Bailon and Rob broke up a couple of years ago in the first place and that is: ROB CHEATED ON HER!!!! wowza

That is all for now folks. It’s late, I have gotten my workout on and I am now going to reward myself with my snuggie and some mindless reality T.V of course!

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  1. Catalina Says:

    Well,we like all of u guys and can not stand Kourtney’s man we see the other side when this came out & he love’s the attention & is a loser he need’s to get a job & Kloe hope u r doing well btch i am glad ur married,my mom is helping me with my own website hope it will have success & it will deal with cooking & daily lives and situations in the non-celebrity life.I wish your family has all the blessings of god & Kick-ass Big Mama K (your mom)& hello to Brucy,Rob well hope that things can go better for u sometimes u need to leave love in god’s hands,don’t ruin the little bit of whatever u think u have with ur ex-girlfriend.Well, Mom K can u tell me wat advise u can give me & my mom on how to begin my website & keeping the trade mark.My mom says that a good mother will do just about anything to keep there daughters safe & help guide them through life the best way she can.Me & My mom watch the Kardashian’s & alot of wat u tell your children is wat my mom says to me.So please any advise will help on getting started,hopefully I can become success or at least close to it.I have alot of Ideas and dreams not sure how to get started.I am from Chicago, Ill.

    P.S. I will try to not miss any episodes but,mom says homework & sleep is important.I would also like to make my own perfume any tips on how to do it Kim.

    Signing out with the Kardashian’s,

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